Scottish History Network, 8 July 2016 Weekly Digest

Welcome to the Scottish History Network Digest. As always, we’ve tried to include as much information as possible about news, events and opportunities relating to Scottish history.

As we’ve moved to a bi-weekly digest for the summer months, it’s especially important that if you would like us to include a particular item that you let us know well in advance via, on Twitter@ScotHistNetwork or via our Facebook page.

– The Scottish History Network Team


Exhibitions and events
New Publications
Steven W. May and Alan Bryson, Verse Libel in Renaissance England and Scotland (OUP). Release Date: 04 August

John McCallum (Ed.), Scotland’s Long Reformation: New Perspectives on Scottish Religion, c.1500-1660 (Routledge). Release Date: 28 July

Murray Pittock, Culloden: Great Battles(OUP). Release Date: 14 July

David Breeze, Bearsden: A Roman Fort on the Antonine Wall (Society of Antiquaries Scotland). Release Date: Available now.

John Hunter, The Small Isles (Historic Environment Scotland). Release Date: Available now.

Courses and Conferences
News and miscellany

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