Weekly Digest 17 January 2020

Scottish History Network Digest
17 January 2020

Happy New Year!  Welcome to the first Scottish History Network digest of the year – and indeed, the decade.  Read on for the first of many events, opportunities, news and publications the 2020s will hold in store for Scottish history…

As always, we would love to hear from you if you are interested in writing a blog post for us, please get in touch. It’s great to hear from people involved in Scottish History in lots of different ways and we look forward to finding out what you are all up to.

If we have missed anything, or you have something you’d like us to include in the future, please get in touch at scottishhistorynetwork@gmail.com, tweet us at @ScotHistNetwork or via our Facebook page.

Public Lectures, Events and Seminars

22 January, ‘Forensic Psychiatry,’ Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.

23 January, ‘Cheap print and society in Early Modern Scotland,’ University of Edinburgh.

23 January, ‘Robert Porteous: A Scottish Merchant in Poland – Lecture and Music,’ Central Library.

24 January: ‘Mapping Religious Change with Messy Data: The Scottish Reformation,’ University of Edinburgh.

28 January, ‘Capital punishment and execution broadsides in Scotland,’ National Library of Scotland.

30 January, ‘The 1820s: Spectacles, Scandals and Sensations,’ National Library of Scotland.

10 February, ‘Glasgow Pottery and the British Empire,’ National Museum of Scotland.

21 January, ‘Globalisation happened on Loch Craignish in 1720,’ University of Glasgow.

3 February, ‘Bridgescapes, an illustrated talk,’ Bearsden Hub Main Hall.

26 January, ‘Origins of Up Helly Aa,’ Shetland Museum and Archives.

News, Opportunities and Miscellany
Collection request: ‘2019 General Election in Scotland,’ National Library of Scotland.

Job: Lecturer in History of Art, deadline 19 January.

Job: Content Manager, Engine Shed, deadline 29 January.

Job: Archaeologist, St Kilda, deadline 31 January.

Job: Collections Care Assistant, Brodick Castle, deadline 31 January.

Job: Conservation Advisor, National Trust for Scotland, deadline 7 February.

Conferences and Workshops
CfP: ‘The Leviathan of Highland and Emigration History,’ deadline 31 January 2020.

CfP: “Stevenson and Pleasure”, deadline, 31 January 2020.

CfP: ‘Scottish Church History Society Spring conference’, deadline 15 March.

CfP: ‘5th International St Magnus Conference: Island Histories and Herstories,’ deadline 15 March 2020.

Aileen Boyd, Na Nuadh Bhàtaichean.

Charlotte Golledge, The Graveyards and Cemeteries of Edinburgh.

Rosemary Goring (ed), Scotland: Her Story: The Nation’s History by the Women Who Lived It.

Iain Hutchison, Industry, Reform and Empire: Scotland, 1790 – 1880.

Brian King, Rediscovering Dundee.

Murdo Macdonald, Patrick Geddes’s Intellectual Origins.

Richard D. Oram, David I: King of Scots, 1124-1153.

Graham Robb, The Debatable Land: The Lost World Between Scotland and England.

John Sadler & Rosie Serdiville, Cromwell’s Convicts: The Death March From Dunbar 1650.

Frances B. Singh, Scandal and Survival in Nineteenth-Century Scotland: The Life of Jane Cumming.

Andrew C. Scott, At the Crossroads of Time: How a Small Scottish Village Changed History.

Kelsey Jackson Williams, The First Scottish Enlightenment: Rebels, Priests and History.

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