While Scotland’s rich history and culture has always attracted both public and scholarly interest around the world, we believe there is potential – bigger now than ever – for the study of Scottish history and culture to become a more active and connected field. A key step towards raising the profile of Scottish history is creating new spaces in which ideas, research and activity can be shared and built upon.

The Scottish History Network is not intended to achieve such lofty goals by itself. Rather, we believe that active, healthy communities are achieved by the gradual build-up of connections that lead to new ideas, initiatives and opportunities. The Scottish History Network does not aim to be a centralised body with the task of building up a discipline and imposing a direction upon practitioners, rather we hope to act as a forum in which existing passion can be shared, built upon and multiplied.

The following are the values and aims that we wish to strive towards.


We believe in the necessity of bringing together the largest number of interested parties, perspectives and approaches. We hope to be a relevant forum and source of information to anyone with an interest in Scottish history, including academics, the heritage sector, local and family historians, government and the interested public.

We also hope to encourage useful interdisciplinary exchanges with related academic fields, from Scottish literature to philosophy. Within the historical discipline itself, we also want to promote the relevance of Scottish history to transnational and international approaches, especially within diaspora, imperial and global history, to say nothing of comparative approaches to gender, social and cultural histories. In short, we wish to encourage historians of Scotland to open as many doors to the outside world as possible, both in terms of methodology and subject matter.


The Scottish History Network is intended to be a forum in which all are equally welcome to participate and contribute. It is not intended to act as a traditional scholarly society, of which several already exist and do excellent work within the field. We believe that to truly grow a thriving international community, it is necessary to be accessible, flexible and provide a regular and useful contribution.

Social media has already proven to be an exceptionally useful tool for achieving such ends, and we fully intend to maintain an active social media presence, as well as a more traditional mailing list and newsletter. Other options for future growth include creating a blog, as well as more traditional activities such as sponsoring seminars, public lectures and conferences in the field of Scottish history. We welcome any and all suggestions as to how best to provide an effective forum for interested parties.


The purpose of the Scottish History Network is, fundamentally, to provide as much information as possible regarding what is happening in the field. We hope to be able to share new research and historical writing, promote opportunities, answer questions and encourage debate and discussion. In time, we hope to be a trusted and comprehensive source of news in the field of Scottish history, as well as a forum for the exchange of research and opinions.


Ultimately, whether we succeed is up to you. If the venture is met with wholehearted support and active participation, we are confident that the vast passion that many individuals and organisations have for Scottish history and culture will provide more than enough impetus.

We are currently active on social media, and encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  We also have a weekly mail out which provides a summary of events, calls for papers, new research and other happenings related to Scottish history, which you can sign up to here. We are also hosting a workshop in April designed to both promote interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to Scottish history, as well as help shape the directions the network takes in the future. You can find our Call for Papers here.

We are very open to any other ideas for events or ways to get connected you might have, please do let us know.

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